Nutrition + My Story

Instead of focusing on what to eliminate from your diet lets focus on what you can add to provide you with all the nourishment that your body needs. Whole live foods, high-quality protein sources and strategic healthy snacks throughout the day to nourish your mind and your body!

The proper balance of nutrition is required to operate optimally. How we think and how we feel is directly effected by what we take into our bodies on a nutritional level. Getting the right nutrients has been proven to boost IQ, improve mood and emotional stability.

Utilizing every bit of knowledge I had acquired about natural nutrition, supplementation and incorporating a bit of intermittent fasting into my dietary and spiritual practice, I had become my own full-time experiment!

Before discovering this program that I’m so excited to share, I was really struggling to establish a proper pattern of eating that was maintainable, long-term. I wasn’t getting the proper nutrients that my body needed, especially at a cellular level and I was cutting a lot of things out of my diet.

I had an insatiable hunger but the mentality that I had adopted for so long of “eat less, workout more” ultimately lead me through a downward spiral for several years that was very difficult to get out of. Especially on my own. 

Mood swings, anxiety, episodes of fainting, cystic acne, and ultimately depression. I didn’t know it at the time but looking back now on all those years my restrictive dieting was really affecting my physical and mental health.

Until I was given a Gift.

I was very skeptical at first. It wasn’t until I opened up to the possibility that MAYBE, just MAYBE, this could actually be what I had been asking and praying for.

So I did my research. These products are all scientifically formulated using the highest quality ingredients and clinically proven with third party independent studies!

I started putting these products into my body and incorporating them into my daily lifestyle.

Never in my life had I ever felt this good! This lifestyle allowed me to create the structure i needed to establish a regular pattern of eating with the right ratio of nutrients that my body had been lacking for so long.


The reasons I choose it are endless and I only wish I had found and shared it sooner.

I knew deep down that I didn’t want to be just another nutritionist providing some sort of “meal plan” that I couldn’t even bear to follow myself.

I wanted to do something BIGGER, reach MORE people, have GREATER IMPACT.

I wanted to share this gift of health and happiness with others and surround myself with like-minded people.

If this resonates with you and curbed cravings, more energy, better mood and ease of a healthy lifestyle is of interest, please fill out the contact form and I will be in touch with you to get started.